6 reasons why your thermal bag is your best friend

When a hungry customer orders on Deliveroo, they’re looking forward to a delicious, hot meal from their favourite restaurant. As soon as you collect the food from the restaurant, it’s a battle against the weather to keep it hot – especially when it’s cold outside.

That’s why we include a thermal bag as part of our core kit – it plays a big part in making sure customers are happy. Here are just some of the reasons why…

1. It keeps food hot

We want our customers to get the food they’ve ordered, just how the restaurant intended it to be enjoyed. No one likes a cold burger, limp chips or soggy pizza, so thermal bags are specially designed to keep hot food hot.

2. It keeps food safe to eat

It’s not just about how the food tastes – some dishes need to be kept above a certain temperature to ensure they’re safe to eat. The thermal bag helps to maintain the temperature of the food and keep germs away.

3. It prevents spillages

The Deliveroo thermal bag is designed to help keep food upright and prevent spillages. If a drink spills on the way to a customer (accidents happen!), the thermal bag can prevent the food in the order from getting wet.

4. It helps you separate hot and cold food

The thermal bag also helps separate hot and cold food, so that both stay at the optimum temperature for the customer. If you pick up an order with hot and cold foods, you can put the hot food in the thermal bag and cold drinks or snacks in your backpack.

5. It helps get more orders

By keeping food hot, safe to eat, and preventing spillages, the thermal bag helps you to deliver food to the customer in the best condition possible. If customers are happy with their order, they’re more likely to order from us again – meaning more orders for you to deliver, and more earnings!

6. Be seen at the restaurant

The thermal bag is designed to be seen – not just by other road users and customers, but also by restaurant staff. When collecting your order from a restaurant, your Deliveroo branded thermal bag could help you be seen quicker and reduce your waiting time.

Need a new thermal bag?

If your thermal bag is damaged or looking worse for wear, we can send you a brand new one for free. Please send photos of the damage to our Rider Support team at [email protected], and we’ll be in touch soon.