Accurate app use for a smoother network

Deliveroo operates as a network between riders, restaurants and customers, which is all guided by our machine learning algorithm, Frank.


Frank is designed to run a smooth network and make sure that all of our riders, restaurants and customers have a good experience. But when the rider App is used incorrectly, Frank cannot work properly and this disrupts the network for everyone.

How can a few wrong buttons cause such big issues?

When a rider inaccurately marks their status during a delivery, Frank  learns based on that wrong behaviour, and so calculates the wrong food preparation times for restaurants. This means that restaurants lose trust in the times provided by our App to them.This then creates negative experiences for customers as their food delivery takes much longer than the estimated delivery time displayed on their App. Inaccurate App updates are also one of the major causes of long restaurant wait times, which can impact your earnings.

So how can you help riders, restaurants, customers and Frank?

Simple! All you need to do is use the rider app to accurately mark the status of your delivery based on the stage that you are at.

How do you use the app accurately?

How and when you use the app is completely up to you.

However, correctly marking the status of orders you do accept is extremely important. For example, if you are not actually in the restaurant then you have not “Arrived” at the restaurant and therefore should not click through to “See order info”. We know that finding parking and walking into the restaurant can take time, which are precious minutes when kitchens are working to deliver fresh hot food. However, waiting to select “See order info” once you’ve actually walked into the restaurant is the most accurate update you can give in the App because that is what tells the restaurant that you are there and ready to collect the food. 

Whether you’re a brand new rider or you’ve been working with Deliveroo for years, it’s always good to refresh your understanding of how to use the App during a delivery. This ensures that all riders get a fair chance to deliver orders, restaurant wait times are accurate and food gets delivered fresh to our hungry customers. 

Check out our step-by-step guide below to give yourself and all our network the best chance at a smooth delivery experience:  

1. Review the order offered, if you decide you would like to accept then select “Accept and go”.

2. The App will show you a suggested travel route based on your registered vehicle type, but it’s up to you to choose the route you think is the safest and most efficient.

3.  Once you are inside the restaurant, you can click “See order info” so that you can check which order you are meant to be collecting from the restaurant.

4. When you have collected the order from the restaurant, tick the box to the right of the order number and select “Go to customer”. 

5. The App will show you a suggested travel route to the customer based on your registered vehicle type, but it’s up to you to choose the route you think is the safest and most efficient.

6. When you have parked at the customer location and left your vehicle, you should select “See order info”. The App will then show which order needs to be delivered to this location.

7. When you have completed the contact-free delivery, then you can mark the delivery as complete. All done!

Remember, if you decide that you no longer want to complete a delivery for any reason before you have reached the restaurant, you can contact Live Support through the App to be unassigned. If you are at the restaurant and you decide you no longer want to complete a delivery, you can use the help function on the “Collect Order” screen in the App. The “Reject Order” button will be available for you there in the App and can be used if you are already waiting at the restaurant and high wait time is the reason why you are choosing to unassign from the order.

As a rider providing services to Deliveroo, it’s important that you use the App in the way it is designed.

This ensures customers and restaurants can receive accurate updates about the status of their orders, and that food is delivered in the best condition.