Adelaide Roundtable Recap

We recently held a roundtable event in Adelaide to gain riders’ feedback on a number of topics, including earnings, app features, perks, and our Rider Support team.

We were very excited about the enthusiasm we received from riders. All available registration spots were filled, and we had great participation from those who attended.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with us. Your feedback is very valuable – it gives our team a better understanding of what’s happening in your city and what we can do to enhance your experience. We’ll be passing your feedback on to the wider team at Deliveroo and working on strategies to address some of what was discussed.

Here are some of the main points that were raised, and what our team is currently doing to address these comments.

What we’re doing well

Self-Serve Booking Model (SSB)

Riders in Adelaide let us know that they like our SSB model, where they can book their weekly sessions on a Monday. This model ensures there is never an over-saturation of riders during a session, which makes earnings more stable.

Competitive Earnings

During the roundtable, riders in Adelaide provided positive feedback about their earnings, particularly distance-based fees. In their experience, they are able to earn more this way.

Rider Perks

Riders are familiar with Portify and are excited to see more offers, particularly for fuel discounts and tax-related services.  

We’re currently looking into a number of partnership options to provide riders with discounted fuel, and expect to be able to offer this perk later this year. Now that we know riders would benefit from tax-related services, we will prioritize this when looking for future partners.  

Don’t have the Portify app? Download it now.

Operations and Rider Support

Riders in Adelaide expressed appreciation for the assistance they receive from our Live Ops and Rider Support teams, both while completing orders and after finishing a session. Riders suggested that one way to improve this service further would be to enable them to leave voicemails for Live Ops out of hours – we have passed this feedback on to the team.

What we could do better

Time off

Some riders highlighted how taking time off to spend with loved ones, for vacation, or illness can affect their statistics.

At Deliveroo we understand the importance of balance, which is one of the main reasons we created the ability to delegate. Delegating allows you to earn money while taking time off, without affecting your statistics.

Read more about delegation.

The App

Zone Clusters
Riders in Adelaide liked the idea of zone clusters, where they can make deliveries in neighbouring zones. However, some people said they find it frustrating that they need to travel back to the centre of the zone cluster to login for their next session, as they are usually outside of the login radius at the time they need to login.

We were happy to receive this feedback – it was very helpful and enabled us to understand more about your experience. We will pass it onto our internal development team to discuss how we can create an improved experience for this feature.

Read more about zone clusters.

Riders would like to see additional reasons for why they reject an offer of work in the app.

We understand the need for having greater options available. More detailed feedback about the reasons for order rejections will also help us to improve your experience. To address this, we will put this feedback forward to our product team to discuss what changes we could make.

Riders in Adelaide said they would benefit more from the navigation map if the icon was an arrow rather than a dot, so they could see which direction they should be heading.

This is very clear feedback and we will pass it on to our product team.

Future events

We greatly appreciate all the feedback that we received during this roundtable, and will share the feedback with the relevant teams and discuss how we can address some of the points that were raised.

If you weren’t able to attend this roundtable, keep an eye on our Events section to see when we’ll be in your city next! Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] – we’re always keen to hear your thoughts.