How we're advocating for rider benefits

We recently commissioned a study by CensusWide, an independent research company, to gain a better understanding on what it’s like to work in the gig economy. We wanted to learn what matters most to riders in the work they do. 

CensusWide surveyed hundreds of riders across Australia, which resulted in invaluable insights for Deliveroo, as well as the wider gig economy community.

Here are some of the things we found out… 

The top three reasons riders choose to work in the gig economy are:

  1. To earn money while they study
  2. To be their own boss
  3. To allow them to work around a life schedule preferable to them

The most important factors for riders when considering what type of work to do is:

  1. Fair compensation (56%)
  2. Work/life balance (49%)
  3. Benefits such as sick pay (44%)

The results of the survey shows that riders want both flexibility and security, which Deliveroo is lobbying for on behalf of riders. 

How is Deliveroo working to provide benefits for riders?

Deliveroo is calling for new legislation to reform employment law so riders can work flexibly and receive benefits directly, which is currently not possible under Australian employment law. We do not believe there should be a choice between flexibility and security.

This month, France is introducing a ‘Social Charter’ that will enable companies like Deliveroo to provide additional benefits directly to people who work on their platform without jeopardising their self-employment status. As a result, Deliveroo has recently announced that it will introduce sick pay for all riders in France.

Deliveroo would like to be able to do the same in Australia, which is why earlier this year we became the first platform in Australia to call for a Future Work Act.

Providing benefits to our riders is a huge priority for Deliveroo. We care deeply about our riders, and want them to be able to enjoy the flexibility of their work as well as stability. In an effort to bring the Future Work Act into fruition, Deliveroo will continue to advocate on behalf of our riders.

For the full news release, please visit Deliveroo Newsroom.

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