Advocating for rider safety

Recently our Head of Corporate Affairs, Joanne Woo, talked about the importance of safe cycling at the International Cycling Safety Conference. She also presented some of the innovative ideas that came from the members of our Rider Safety Advisory Panel.

Joanne spoke about how safety is of paramount importance to Deliveroo, and the four pronged approach we take to it: 


  1. Education & communication – we know some riders are more experienced riders than others; our education and onboarding process is focused on getting people to the same level of understanding
  2. Protection – ensuring that our riders are protected while riding
  3. Feedback loop – making sure that we have a two-way dialogue and we hear from riders about their experiences of staying safe while delivering with us 
  4. Advocacy – taking an active approach in advocating for improved conditions 

Education and Communication
A key part of Deliveroo’s onboarding process for cyclists is to ensure riders understand what it means to be safe on the road, as well as the road rules in the states that they operate in.

As a mandatory component of the onboarding process, all cyclists must watch comprehensive safety videos and complete questions on bicycle safety and maintenance. These videos cover the safety equipment that needs to be worn, ensuring their bike has been thoroughly ABC checked (with air, brakes/bolts and chains/controls), the requirement of lights of at least 50 lumens per light to ensure that they are visible from at least 200 metres and, of course, reiterating that they should never be using their mobile while in motion. 

Our core kit is bright teal with silver reflective accents to ensure that riders are highly visible when completing deliveries, day and night. It was designed in partnership with Brake, a UK road safety charity, and reviewed by the Amy Gillett Foundation. We are also in conversation with one of our partners, Bicycle Safety Equipment, on additional products that we can add to ensure that cyclists remain highly visible to everyone on the roads.

Feedback Loop
This year we created the first Rider Safety Advisory Panel for the gig economy. The ten riders on the advisory panel  (3 Sydney, 3 Melbourne, 1 Brisbane, 1 Perth, 1 Canberra, 1 Wollongong) are leading the way on improving safety for Deliveroo’s network of riders across the country. Our panel enables Deliveroo to give riders a voice and representation on issues that matter to them, and in turn gives us invaluable insights on how we can continue to evolve and improve our practices.

What the Rider Safety Advisory Panel is seeking:

Thank you to the dedicated members of our rider safety advisory panel for their proactive approach to recommending ways we can continue to improve safety for our fleet of riders across Australia.