Why does my app sometimes log me out?

There are lots of reasons why you may decide not to work with us while you’re logged in to the app. It may be because you’re busy at that time or just taking a quick break; regardless, you don’t need any reason at all to decide not to work, or to reject an order.  

If you no longer want to receive offers of work, you can go offline in the app. To reject a delivery you can choose to reject it when it is offered to you, or choose to be unassigned at any time during the delivery.

When we offer you a delivery, it stays open on your screen for 100 seconds. After 100 seconds, if you don’t accept or reject, the system assumes you don’t want to complete it at this time and offers the delivery to another rider. Otherwise, there could be an unlimited delay to when the customer gets their food.

If three consecutive deliveries in a row time out after 100 seconds, because you don’t interact with your app, we assume that you’ve left your status as ‘online’ by mistake and for this reason change your status to ‘offline’. Of course, you can go back online straight away if you wish.