Apply for $30 to cover the cost of face masks and hand sanitiser

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Deliveroo riders are providing a valued service to people in their community. Our priority is to help you, restaurant staff and customers stay safe during this time.

Staying 1.5 metres away from others and washing your hands regularly continue to be the best defences against COVID-19. Please make sure you always follow Deliveroo’s policies on contact-free pick-up and drop-off and hygiene best practices.

Riders in South Australia

Face masks are currently mandatory in South Australia.

If you ride in South Australia and have already bought a face mask and hand sanitiser, or want to buy them, you can apply for a reimbursement of $30 from Deliveroo* to help cover the cost.

Complete this form with information about your purchase.

The form will ask you for information about your purchase and you will need to upload a photo of your receipt. The receipt must:

– Be an itemised tax receipt, showing the purchase was for face masks (all brands accepted; both reusable and disposable masks can be claimed) and/or hand sanitiser (all brands accepted). Each rider can make 1 claim of up to $20 for the purchase of face masks and 1 claim of up to $10 for hand sanitiser.

– Be dated between the dates stipulated below

  • Wednesday 18 November 2020 and Sunday 20 December 2020 (inclusive)

– You will also need to write your name and Rider ID clearly on the receipt for it to be valid

Once you’ve submitted your details via the form they will be reviewed by our team and you will be notified if your request was successful.

We are anticipating a high volume of requests, so please allow at least 5 business days to receive a decision. We ask for your patience and understanding during this time.

If approved, your refund will be included as a payment adjustment on your next invoice at the end of the next rider fee period.

If you have any questions about claiming a refund for face masks, please contact our Rider Support team via the Help Centre.

Deliveroo will continue to update you with the latest advice as we receive it.

Remember, if you start to feel ill or test positive for COVID-19, follow all medical advice, do not log in and let us know immediately by filling in this form or contacting us via the Help Centre. For medical advice visit the Australian Department of Health website.

You must have an active Deliveroo rider account and have completed at least one delivery with Deliveroo in Adelaide in the past 28 days to be eligible for a refund

Each rider can make 1 claim of up to $20 for the purchase of face masks and 1 claim of up to $10 for hand sanitiser. You can submit more than 1 receipt as part of your claim but all receipts must be submitted at the same time. Total amount that can be reimbursed is $30 for face masks and hand sanitiser.

Your receipt must be an itemised tax receipt, stating that the purchase was for face mask(s) and that the purchase took place between the dates stipulated below:

  • For riders in South Australia, your purchase must have taken place between Wednesday 18 November 2020 and Sunday 20 December 2020 inclusive

You must clearly write your name and Rider ID on the receipt prior to submitting in order for it to be valid

Screenshots of bank transactions and non-itemised receipts will not be accepted as proof of purchase