Bikescape is here to help!

Bikescape specialises in major and minor repairs, maintenance and small accident damage of all bikes and scooters. With a professional and trusted reputation, you can rely on them to deliver consistent quality service.

Conveniently located in the inner west area of Sydney, on Parramatta Road, riders can easily drop their motorbike or scooter off in the morning and commute at ease. 

Following is a list of the services and discount they offer for Deliveroo riders:

Hourly rate – rebooked 5+ days. 10% off* $ 118.80

Hourly rate – walking or less than 5 days. 5% off $ 125.40


Fix pricing

Small scooter service* $ 150.00

Small bike (Honda CB125e)* $ 150.00

Small bike (200-300cc)* $ 180.00

Rego Safety Inspection $ 23.00


Headlight change scooter $ 50.00

Headlight change bike $ 50.00

Puncture repair $ 90.00

Chain & Sprocket Kit – Honda CB125e* $ 230.00

Adjust & lube chain


Honda CB125 front tyre (fitted)* $ 140.00

Honda CB125 rear tyre (fitted)* $ 148.00


In Store products (in stock items)

Helmets 5% off retail

Gloves 5% off retail

Jackets 5% off retail

Boots 5% off retail

Bike products (locks, lubricants, cleaners etc) 5% off retail


Inclusions for service;

Change engine oil

Change oil filter (if fitted)

Check lights

Check tyres & reset tyre pressures

Check brakes

Check battery

Lube pivot points

Fault report provided


* work needs to be booked 5+ day in advance