brace yourself, swooping season has arrived!

As one Magpie season ends (RIP AFL Premier dreams…), another begins. It’s swooping season, the one time of year where pedestrians and cyclist often fall victim to the dreaded magpie.

Why do Magpies swoop?

Most of the swooping Magpies are male. This is their way of protecting their eggs and newborns from any threat while they are in the nest for 6 to 8 weeks between July and November. This is why it’s super important to avoid areas where magpies are nesting.

We’ve put together some helpful tips to help you get through this swooping season unscathed:

Protection: Cyclists tend to attach zip-ties to the top of their helmet, like spikes -this may prevent the magpies from attacking you.    

Don’t provoke: Magpies are territorial and will do anything to protect their nest. If you spot one, don’t throw things or try to fight it. In the end the magpie always wins . Try finding an alternate route.

Stay Calm: You will most likely go into flight or fight mode, but it’s important to remain calm if you get swooped.

New route: If you feel uncomfortable riding in certain areas due to Magpies,  it may be best to find an alternative route.

Fun fact: Magpies can remember the faces of those who have threaten them, and will more likely swoop them again to protect their nest.

Magpies are native Australian birds and are protected under the State Wildlife Legislation. They must not be harmed or harassed, as penalties may apply.

If you’ve been swooped, please let other riders know to avoid the area.