Celebrating meat-free week

What is meat-free week?

Meet-free week seeks to raise awareness about the benefits that limiting our meat-intake has on our health as well as the planet.

Providing more sustainable food options

For this year’s Meat-Free Week, which takes place from June 15 – June 21, we partnered with Australian plant-based meat company, v2food, as well as more than 70 of our restaurants to offer plant-based meal options for Meat-Free week.

Customers are able to order plant-based alternatives of their favourite traditionally meat-based dishes. Popular restaurants like Royal Stacks, Hashtag Burgers, the Italian Bowl and Boss Burger all took part – a few of them are even giving away free packs of v2mince so customers can cook plant-based meals at home! 

It’s not too late to try! Check out the v2food options on Deliveroo before Sunday, June 21.