Collingwood Rider Bistro Recap

Last week, we held a Rider Bistro at our Editions site in Collingwood to bring restaurants and riders together.

Riders were able to chat with staff from the Editions restaurants, learn about the food preparation process, and try some of their delicious signature dishes. We also hosted a roundtable to gain riders’ feedback on a number of topics, including earnings, app features, and restaurants. At the end of the event, we held a kit swap where riders could swap old kit for new kit.

Rider Bistro

Upon arriving at last week’s Deliveroo Rider Bistro, we were welcomed with delicious food prepared by a number of our Editions Restaurants. We tried everything from Japanese-style sushi tacos and traditional fish tacos, to signature Chinese dishes. While we were chowing down, our Engagement team had a great opportunity to have some one-on-one conversations with riders. We really enjoyed getting to know everyone who attended!

Once we were done, we took turns visiting each of the Editions restaurants, including exciting new restaurants that have recently launched at the site, such as Mr and Mrs Gan Chinese Kitchen, Fishbowl, Los Hermanos, and Mr O’s Sushi Tacos. Restaurant staff explained why they were excited to be working at Deliveroo Editions, shared about how the food preparation process works, and answered all the questions we threw at them!

Kyle (above middle), shared his inspiration for starting his restaurant, Mr O’s Sushi Tacos, what he loves about Deliveroo, and how he’s always trying to recreate and better his menu. 


Roundtable Feedback

Our Deliveroo Rider Engagement team really enjoyed their one-on-one conversations with riders, as well as hearing riders’ thoughts at the roundtable. The sentiment from riders was very positive, and we appreciated hearing riders’ thoughts on some areas for improvement.

Here are some of the main points that were raised, and what our team is currently doing to address these comments.


Riders said that they find restaurant wait times can be too long. We know this has been an ongoing concern for riders, and we thank you for your patience. This is a top priority for Deliveroo. Our team is actively working on a solution to resolve this issue – you can find out more about what we’re doing to shorten restaurant wait times.


Distance-based fees

During the roundtable, riders in Collingwood expressed that they were disappointed with how much they were earning through distance-based fees. While they were happy when this model was first introduced, over time they feel they have experienced a decline in earnings.

We appreciate this feedback. Protecting rider earnings is one of Deliveroo’s top priorities – it influences our onboarding process, incentives, and booking model. Deliveroo created distance-based fees because 89% of riders in Australia communicated that they wanted to be paid more for longer distances – and fixed fees don’t reflect this.

Another reason we created distance-based fees is to provide customers with greater selection by enabling them to order from restaurants that are slightly farther away.

To learn more, read about distance fees.


Riders also appreciated incentive based fees, but felt like sometimes they are not given at the correct time – especially weather-based incentives.

Weather, especially in Melbourne, is an area that can be hard to predict. Members of our Operations team are actively working on integrating weather updates into our systems to make weather-based incentives more accurate.


Riders voiced a concern about whether tips are being withheld and used by Deliveroo to top up their earnings. We are happy you have raised this, and can clarify that 100% of tips provided by customers goes directly to you. Deliveroo does not take any portion of these tips.

New Initiatives

Riders expressed an interest in company-wide changes, and said that they would like any changes to be communicated to them prior to new initiatives being launched. We really value receiving this feedback, and will aim to provide updates though Roos Weekly and the Roo Community with as much notice as possible.

The app

Riders voiced a few different concerns regarding the rider app:

Wait times

Riders voiced concerns about how restaurants ‘prep for’ times are calculated in the app – they feel as though they are often assigned to orders too early. As with restaurant wait times, this is an area we are actively working on – learn more about what we’re doing to address ‘prep for’ times.

Stacked Orders

Riders in Collingwood told us that when they arrive at the restaurant and find out their order is a stacked order, they are unable to see where the second order is going to until they accept the order. They find this challenging, because knowing where the order is going to be delivered helps them to decide whether or not to accept it. They feel that sometimes it’s not in their best interests to complete the second order, so they end up rejecting the order. This bothers them because they care about the customer’s experience and don’t want customer orders to be delayed or for them to receive food that is cold.

This is valuable feedback for the team. This is a challenging issue for Deliveroo, and we’ll continue to look for a suitable solution.

Zone Clusters

Riders in Collingwood liked the idea of zone clusters, where they can make deliveries in neighbouring zones. However, some people said they find it frustrating that they need to travel back to the centre of the zone cluster to login for their next session, as they are usually outside of the login radius at the time they need to login.

We were happy to receive this feedback – it was very helpful and enabled us to understand more about your experience. We will pass it onto our internal development team to discuss how we can create an improved experience for this feature. 

For more information, take a look at our article on how zone clusters work.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the event and share their thoughts with us. Your feedback is very valuable – it gives our team a better understanding of what’s happening in your city and what we can do to enhance your experience. We’ll be passing your feedback on to the wider team at Deliveroo and working on strategies to address some of what was discussed.

Future events

If you weren’t able to attend this roundtable, keep an eye on our Events section to see when we’ll be in your city next! Alternatively, you can reach out to us through our Help feature on the Roo Community – we’re always keen to hear your thoughts.