congrats to the winners of our first Australian GM x Roundtable

Australia’s lucky to have a diverse rider fleet. Across the country we have so many dedicated riders that help bring the best delivery experience to our customers.

The GM x Roundtable gives the best of the best a chance to catch up and share their experiences as a Deliveroo rider, as well as meet with our Country Manager Levi Aron.

So we want to say thanks for everyone’s submissions and congrats to the winners!

Avinash E.D – Sydney

Diego F – Sydney

Vignesh K – Sydney

Rinoy S – Wollongong

Rakesh B.P – Melbourne

Bishal N – Sydney

Gautam S – Perth

Almir J – Sydney

Mir M – Melbourne

Marcus S – Sydney

Dennis P – Melbourne

Martha R – Melbourne

Juan G – Melbourne