delivering large orders

While riding with Deliveroo you’ll definitely encounter some larger orders. When this happens it’s important that you try to fit at least 2 restaurant bags in your larger thermal bag or scooter box. Sometimes you’ll find that you’ll be able to fit more than 2 orders in your bag. If you are taking multiple orders, be careful when packing the food so it doesn’t get damaged.

Also, order notes are your friend! Corporates often have larger orders and our Deliveroo for Business team works hard to ensure that there are clear directions on how to enter the building. This can often save you time on the delivery so do yourself a favour and have a read!

Finding yourself delivering to an office? Follow these tips below to make your delivery smoother

  • If you’re at the address and find you’re unable deliver to their floor due to security reason, please call the customer and ask them how they would like to proceed.
  • Don’t walk into the building wearing your helmet.
  • If you’re unable to reach the customer, don’t leave the food at reception without notify anyone. You should get in contact with the live support team either via call or in app chat.