Deliveroo Editions Collingwood

Deliveroo is passionate about food and bringing people even more choice. There are already so many amazing restaurants everywhere, but we believe everyone should have access to them. That’s why our new platform, Deliveroo Editions, aims to bring new restaurants to our customers.

We help restaurants expand to new areas with purpose-built delivery-only ‘super kitchens’, specially designed only for the cooking and delivery of specific cuisines.

Deliveroo Editions super-kitchens are designed to support innovation. We’re creating work for chefs and kitchen staff as well as creating more opportunities for our riders.

Restaurants operating out of Collingwood Editions include:

– Fishbowl
– Royal Stacks
– Sauced
– Los Hermanos Mexican Taqueria
– The Moor’s Head
– Messina
– Pat n Stick’s