Deliveroo Editions

Will Shu found it almost impossible to order great food while he was living in the UK a few years ago, so he came up with a solution where customers could order food from any of their favourite restaurants at the quick tap of a few buttons. Sound familiar? To no surprise, this disruptive behaviour didn’t stop once Deliveroo was created. 

Innovation is at the core of Deliveroo, which means we are constantly searching for new ways to enhance the food market so we can give our customers absolute ‘food freedom’.

We wanted to go further than just making sure restaurants are available when and where you want them – we wanted to bring new restaurants to customers’ areas so they could have even more choice of amazing food. To do this, Deliveroo created ‘Deliveroo Editions’.

Deliveroo Editions

Deliveroo Editions helps restaurants expand to new areas. Editions identifies the types of foods that customers want, and then works with restaurants that specialise in creating these cuisines. 

We help restaurants to set up kitchens in new areas within just 8-12 weeks, without the upfront costs of a high-street premise. Deliveroo provides Editions restaurants with data insights so that they know which cuisines will be popular in specific local areas – meaning restaurants grow faster and customers have a greater choice of food.

How does it work?

Each Editions site is equipped with approximately 4 – 12 fully-functioning kitchens that restaurants can occupy. This model works really well for restaurants (or food trucks) that are looking to open up a new location at a low cost or experiment with their menu – they simply pay a small commission on orders, stock up with their ingredients, and send a few chefs to the Editions site to prepare the food. 

Bringing these restaurants to Editions also ensures we can provide customers with a diverse and exciting selection of brands that would otherwise be out of reach. Customers order dishes from the restaurant through the app, and restaurants receive orders through a tablet. Riders then come to the Editions site to pick up the order and deliver it the same way they usually would.

Where are our Editions sites in Australia?


Which restaurants are using Editions?

Johnny Bird Dessert Bar Drinks Dash
Nem n’ Nem La Familia Mexico Box Brownies
Mr O’s Sushi Tacos Food Market 8 Slices
Jay Burger Sister Chinese BBQ Pat and Sticks
BaeJuice Bottle House The Ice Cream Store
Bao Wow Tio Burrito La Casa Dilla
Fishbowl Bistro Morgan Bottle Shop
Bento on the Go Japenese Street Food The Forage Company
Los Hermanos Mexican Taqueria Melbourne’s Favourite Vegan Dessert Fast and Furious Bowls Express
Mr & Mrs Gan Chinese Kitchen The Cheesecake Shop Butterbing


How do I order from Editions?

Ordering from Editions is easy. Simply open up the Deliveroo app, and click on the filter icon next to the ‘Restaurant or cuisines’ search bar at the top. Once you’ve opened up the filter options, scroll down and tick the “Editions” box – all of the options that appear will now be from the Editions site.

What’s next?

Deliveroo values and is inspired by restaurants that share our entrepreneurial spirit and are looking to create a unique culinary experience for customers. Recently, our Editions team has started providing business mentorship to restaurants seeking support. The Editions team work with the restaurants on refining their P&L’s (Profit & Loss accounts), food costings, food brand development and creating menus that ensure sustained success, among many other things. Deliveroo Editions also invest in creative marketing campaigns to help drive sales to our Editions restaurant partners.

Whether it is a local restaurant looking to expand, street food entrepreneurs seeking new customers, or a restaurant wanting to launch a new menu – Editions is designed to support innovation. All this underlines Deliveroo’s mission to bring customers a whole world of restaurant-quality food straight to their door. Every consumer’s version of amazing is different, and our job is to ensure that they can enjoy what they want, when they want it, where they want it.