Deliveroo founder Will Shu visits Melbourne

Last week, Deliveroo founder Will Shu spent some time at our Australian HQ in Melbourne.

Will’s jam-packed agenda included meeting with new Australia CEO Ed McManus and the founders of Grill’d and Guzman y Gomez, but he also made time to try some of the city’s best-loved dishes and hit the streets of Collingwood to make deliveries. 

Understanding the rider experience

Understanding riders’ perspectives and experiences is one of Will’s biggest drivers for getting on the road and delivering orders through the Deliveroo platform. Since founding the company in 2013, Will has made deliveries at least once a month – usually to unsuspecting customers! 

He can regularly be found wearing teal and delivering food near his home in Notting Hill, London, and always tries to experience riding in other cities when he is out visiting Deliveroo’s offices around the world. 

Did you meet Will? 

Will enjoyed meeting riders in Melbourne and hearing from them first-hand, but he prefers to fly under the radar. If you met Will on a session recently, he might have introduced himself by his pseudonym, Max! 

Information from this article was originally published in the Australian Financial Review.

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