How Deliveroo is feeding Australia's homeless

At Deliveroo, we’re passionate about food, but we’re also passionate about supporting the communities we work in. Our latest Homeless Delivery initiative combines the two.

There are currently more than 116, 000 homeless people in Australia. Not having a permanent home can lead to a number of challenges, including a lack of support, and even food. However, despite often unstable living conditions, many of Australia’s homeless population manage to stay connected, with 95% saying they have access to a phone. This means that while someone may not have a home, if they have a phone with GPS, Deliveroo can deliver to wherever they are. 

In an effort to help feed the homeless in Australia, Deliveroo has created ‘Homeless Delivery’ – a simple innovation designed to connect Australian restaurants with those most in need of a meal.

How does it work?

Through a new feature on the Deliveroo app, customers have the option to donate $1 to Australia’s homeless population when placing an order. Funds are used to generate $20 Deliveroo vouchers, which are given to those most in need by our charity partners. People who receive the vouchers can use their mobile phones to choose and enjoy whatever meal they like from the Deliveroo platform.

We have partnered with some of the countries biggest restaurants and charities, such as the Lighthouse foundation, to help our Australia’s homeless population. So far, 25 restaurants have joined the crowdfunding initiative, but this is just the beginning! We have plans to expand and partner with as many restaurants as possible.

We are very proud to be part of a company that is contributing to such great, impactful causes – we hope you are too.

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