Deliveroo on the small screen

Last week we appeared on Australian Survivor, making it onto the small screen in the homes of 5.9m people across the country!

If you’re not familiar with it, Australian Survivor is a reality game show where contestants are stranded on a Fijian island, where they must provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves. Contestants complete challenges to get rewards and to prevent themselves from being eliminated. 

At the Reward Challenge last week, contestants had to hold poles with an ‘idol’ on top and keep it from falling as they added more and more height. 

The reward for the four lucky winners was a Chinese lunch delivered fresh by Deliveroo, including wantons, dumplings, kung pao chicken, salt and pepper squid, and fried rice – yum!

Rather than being delivered in our usual paper bags, the food came in boxes designed to fit in naturally with the castaway location. 

As well as the banquet, the winners received dishes with messages from their families back at home, highlighting that enjoying food is often an emotional and shared experience.

This year’s season has drawn bigger audiences than ever before, and the episode featuring Deliveroo was the top program of the night, with 34% of the Australian population tuning in. 


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