Deliveroo Plus: Deliveroo's subscription service

With the launch of Deliveroo Plus last month, we have changed the way customers can order food from our platform.

What is Deliveroo Plus?

Deliveroo Plus is an online food delivery subscription service.

How does it work?


  • sign up for Deliveroo Plus on the Deliveroo app.
  • commit to paying $18.99/monthly (instead of being charged dynamic delivery fees).
  • enjoy unlimited deliveries for as long as they are subscribed.

What does this mean for riders?

The launch of this service has two benefits for riders:

  • As this new service has taken off, order volumes have increased, which means more deliveries for you!
  • You are now able to reap the benefits of Deliveroo Plus

Other than that, Deliveroo Plus won’t have any impact on riders.