The trial’s over, now what?

Six weeks ago we launched distance based fees, giving riders across Australia the chance to trial this new payment system, including:

– Full view of the delivery journey, including the customer location.
– Delivery fees based on the delivery journey.

We have seen some great results through the trial, with riders making over 6% more per delivery offered. We’ve also been gathering your feedback throughout the trial to hear how it’s working for you. 70% of you have told us how much you have enjoyed the overview of the delivery journey prior to accepting.

The trial has come to an end!

Sunday the 16th was the final day of the trial. 

Please let us know if you would like to continue working on the new distance fee payment system, with full delivery journey view, or switch back to your old set delivery fee payment.

So what next?!

We will leave the feature active on your account until September 30, and you can continue to work temporarily under the distance fee terms and with all of these new features until we hear from you. (But remember, the earnings guarantee has now come to an end).

To make this change permanent or go back to your old fixed delivery fee rate, please click the email link [email protected] to let us know which system you would like to remain on. We will notify you via email of the next steps that will need to be taken.