earn more when you deliver from some of our Collingwood restaurants

If you deliver orders from the following Collingwood restaurants you could earn a $2 peak ( 5pm – 9pm) or $1 off-peak ( any time outside of 5pm – 9pm):

  • Royal Stacks
  • Flip City
  • Strange Bird
  • Moor’s Head
  • Vegan Slice
  • Pizzetina
  • La Casa Dilla
  • Los Hermanos Mexican Taquería
  • Tio Burrito
  • La Familia Mexico
  • Messina
  • Pat n Stick’s
  • Bottle Shop

Surge available 26th of October until 31st of October. T&Cs apply*


*Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery incentive fees will be calculated on a fortnightly basis in line with your invoice period
  • All incentives are seasonal and subject to change alongside order demand.