Riders with Deliveroo work on a fee per delivery model, meaning you get paid for each delivery you make, plus tips. The exact delivery fee varies across the country and includes a variable distance fee depending on how long the order is expected to take. You will also keep all the tips for the order.

Sometimes Deliveroo offers additional delivery incentives which can be found in the ‘Planner’ section of the Rider App. 

Cash Out is a feature in our Rider App that allows you to receive your earnings the next day at the tap of a button. You have the freedom to access your earnings on demand. Each time you make a transaction request costs $0.75.

If you don’t want to use this feature, by default fees are processed every 2 weeks and you’ll receive an invoice via email.

You can also view your delivery fees at any time in the “My Earnings” section of the Rider App.

Riders on Weekend Supplier Agreements will also be able to access the cash out feature during the times stipulated in their agreements.

Riders can receive tips from customers after accepting an order. You will be able to see any tips you receive before you reach the customer.