Want to be featured in a Deliveroo video?

Teal is the colour of Deliveroo – it is the colour that identifies us and makes us stand out from the crowd. While we are proud to be teal, we know there is so much more to us than the colour we wear. We want to show everyone who our riders are outside of Deliveroo.

We are looking to create two short videos that tell our riders’ stories. We want to show why riding works for you, and what you enjoy most about being part of the Deliveroo team.

Interested in getting involved?

Fill out an expression of interest:

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Each video will feature one rider and will be approximately 1 minute long. The video will show how being part of Deliveroo allows you to pursue what you really care about outside of riding. We will include shots of you doing what you are passionate about, whether it be studying, operating a business, or spending time with your family, as well as shots of you completing deliveries around your city.

Rather than filming in an ‘interview style’ where you talk directly to the camera, we will be recording you in action and adding your voice-over (from a verbal interview which will be recorded separately) to the video. 

What We Are Looking For:

We are looking for two riders to participate in our rider videos. Filming will take place in the city you ride in. 

Applications are open to all riders, but we are specifically looking for those who ride with Deliveroo to support doing what they are passionate about.

What Will Be Required

If you are interested in participating in our rider videos, we will need you to be able to commit to the following:

  • 1/2 hour initial phone interview 
  • One full day of filming in your city (exact times to be determined)
  • One half day of voice recording (approximately 3 hours)

Application Process

To apply, please fill out an expression of interest:

Expression of Interest form

We will evaluate the answers we receive and contact the selected riders to discuss next steps.

To qualify, you must meet the eligibility criteria** in the terms and conditions

What’s In It For You

Participating in our rider videos will be a great way to share your story with a wide audience. If you are interested in film, this would be a great opportunity to get behind the camera.

Whatever your reason for getting involved – we promise we’ll make it fun! You’ll get to work with a few members of our Rider Content and Engagement team, spend a day visiting iconic parts of your city, and tell us about why riding with Deliveroo works for you!

In addition, you will also receive:

  • $200 worth of fuel vouchers