Keep food fresh with a free thermal bag!

We heard some of you are missing a thermal bag. So for a limited time only, we’ll be giving away free thermal bags.

All you need to do is click HERE below to purchase the thermal bag and at the checkout, use the following discount code smallthermalbag

Having a thermal bag ensures the food stays fresh. When you deliver food without a thermal bag it can lead to the food being compromised, this means the food will need to be remade and redelivered.

This discount will be valid from 17/08/2018 until 02/09/2018 (11:59pm)

Please note:

You should be bringing your thermal bag into the restaurant to transport food. Using the thermal bag ensure that:

  • Food is transported safely and hygienically
  • Customers receive good quality food
  • Potential allergens can be separated

Don’t have a Shopify account to order rider kit? Please email [email protected] with the subject line “Free Thermal Bag” and one of our representatives will be able to assist.