Get 30% off Quad Lock smartphone mounts

To make navigating the roads easier, Quad Lock is offering you an exclusive discount on smartphone mounting solutions.

Accept orders and find the customer with the confidence your phone is securely mounted to your vehicle with Quad Lock.

Why are we excited about Quad Lock?


Designed in Australia, Quad Lock is the most secure and convenient smartphone mount available – simply twist and lock your phone into place.


With specific mounts for bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and cars, Quadlock offer a solution for whichever vehicle you choose. The Quad Lock system also includes an impact resistant smartphone case to make sure your phone is protected from damage.

Claim your discount

To claim your 30% discount on phone mounts, find Quad Lock in the Portify app and choose your desired items. At the checkout, a unique discount code will be generated for you.

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