get to know the app!

personalise your map settings

Adjust your map settings so it’s tailored to your vehicle type. Did you know you can also choose to open your map in your preferred app. Follow these simple steps below!

Step 1: In your sidebar, go into ‘map settings’.

Step 2: Once you’re in ‘map settings’ you’ll see the heading ‘show maps routes for’. From there you’ll be able to pick which vehicle type you are. If you’re driving a car you can also pick options such as ‘avoid routes with tolls’

When you use the app you can choose which maps you use. All you need to do is go back into the ‘settings’ and then click ‘open in maps’ from there you’ll be able pick from map apps such as Google maps, Waze, Apple maps.

Personalise to optimise! Jump in your app now to ensure that you’re getting the best routes for your deliveries.