On demand phone repair with fix2U

Have you experienced the heart-sinking feeling of dropping your phone, only to pick it up and see a big crack or, even worse, a shattered screen?

We’ve partnered with fix2U so you don’t need to worry about when or where to get your phone repaired.

The friendly team at fix2U can meet you anywhere – from the comfort of your home to your favourite café or restaurant – and repair your phone on the spot in less than 30 minutes.

fix2U can repair a range of devices and issues, including:

1. iPhone Repairs on iPhone 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, 8 series and iPhone X devices:

  • screen replacement
  • battery and charging issues
  • button problems
  • camera replacements
  • audio issues
  • water damage repairs

2. iPad Repairs. Screen replacement for all models of iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini.

3. Samsung Repairs. Screen replacement and rear glass replacement for iPhone S series devices.

What happens next?  

  • You will be updated on the progress of your booking via SMS and email to the phone number and email provided.
  • Your booking will be dispatched to the closest fix2U Repair Hero.
  • The fix2U Repair Hero will then call you on the number provided and arrange a time to come and repair your device. You can then watch their progress as they travel to you!

fix2U provides a five-year warranty on phone repairs. Save yourself the hassle of trying to find somewhere to get your phone fixed and let fix2U come to you!

How do I redeem this perk?

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