Can't find the customer?

Even when a customer is eagerly awaiting for food they may get distracted by a show they’re watching because they didn’t think the food would arrive so fast.

So we recently introduced a feature in the app that shows you what you can do when you can’t find the customer and allows you to handle the situation yourself instead of having to contact the Live Support team.

It’s easily located in the Self Help section of the app. Just select the ? icon and then “Customer not responding” to unlock the feature, which gives you:

  • The estimated delivery time – so you can see when the customer is expecting you to arrive.
  • A timer – to show you how long you’ve been at the customer’s door.
  • The option to send a message to the customer so they know you’ve been waiting – they will get a push notification asking them to meet you to collect their delivery.
  • The ability to choose a safe place to leave their order – this option will become available after you’ve sent the customer a message and been at their door for 10 minutes. The customer will then get a message so they know where you’ve left their food!

Please us the Self Help tool instead of calling the Live Support team. If you do contact the Live Support team they will prompt you to this in-app feature.

In addition to the Self Help tool, you should always check the delivery notes for further information if the  customer’s location isn’t clear. Remember that you need to deliver all orders to the customer’s door unless they have specified otherwise in the delivery notes.

Don’t worry, whenever you use the Self Help tool and follow these steps, you’ll still be paid for these deliveries.