Maximise your earnings working with Deliveroo

When’s the best time to work?

Working in a Free Login area means that you can work whenever you like.

Our busiest times of the week are 6pm – 8pm from Thursday to Saturday. Riders who work at this super peak period earn more money in less time than any other day of the week.

What other factors may help me earn more?

The weather: we receive a lot more orders over winter and when it’s raining than we do in summer.

Public holidays: other great times to work include holidays and special events like New Year’s Day, Australia Day, and Good Friday.

University term dates: if you’re in a city with a university, we get a lot more orders during term time when students are in town, so keep an eye out for term dates.

Where are the best places to work?

Working in a Free Login zone means you can work where you want and travel to busier areas where you’re more likely to get work.

Use the heatmap: The heatmap in the rider app shows where’s busy, moderate and not busy to help you decide when and where to go online. The stronger the hexagon colour, the more orders available in this area. The heatmap updates every 5 minutes to show you demand in your area right now. Find out more about how to use the rider heatmap.


Look out for fee boosts: Fee boosts turn the hexagons on your heatmap teal – where a fee boost is available, you can earn extra money on every order from that area!

If you have questions about riding in a Free Login area, please get in touch with our Rider Support team via the Help Centre.