Maximise your earnings working with Deliveroo

When’s the best time to work?

Working in a Free Login area means that you can work whenever you like. Some days of the week are busier than others, and working at times when we receive a lot of orders means you can earn more:

What other factors may help me earn more?

The weather: we receive a lot more orders over winter and when it’s raining than we do in summer.

Public holidays: other great times to work include holidays and special events like New Year’s Day, Australia Day, and Good Friday.

University term dates: if you’re in a city with a university, we get a lot more orders during term time when students are in town, so keep an eye out for term dates.

Where are the best places to work?

Working in a Free Login zone means you can work where you want and travel to busier areas where you’re more likely to get work.

Check nearby zones: when you’re offline in the rider app, you can select ‘Change Area’ at the top of the home screen to see how busy we are in nearby zones, or search for a specific zone. The darker the ‘Roo’ icon next to the zone code, the busier we are in that area.

If you’re working in clustered zones, you can use this tool to check to see if other zones in the cluster are busier. Moving to a busier zone in the cluster may mean you receive more orders and have to travel less. If you’re not sure if your zone is clustered, you can find an up-to-date list of zone clusters in Australia on the Roo Community. Remember, some zones have different opening hours, so check ahead in the Planner. As more cities move to Free Login, we’ll be reviewing the way we cluster zones – keep an eye out for future updates about zone clusters.

Stay close to restaurants: when you’re online, the purple dots on the home screen of your rider app show you where the highest concentration of restaurants are near you. An area near a lot of restaurants is a great place to wait between orders.

If you have questions about riding in a Free Login area, please get in touch with our Rider Support team via the Help Centre.