How to ride around Sydney's new tram rail

At 11:00am on Saturday 14th December, the Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail will commence services and run on the L2 Randwick to Circular Quay line.


After Saturday, turn up and go tram services will operate every day between 5am and 1am on the L2 Randwick Line (no services between 1am and 5am). The L3 Kingsford to Circular Quay Line is on track to open in March 2020.

The dos and don’ts

With the new tram line, New South Wales has established road regulations which are now being enforced.


  • Cyclists will not be permitted to ride bikes within the CBD and South East light rail corridor: these areas now bear ‘no entry’ signs for cyclists – disobeying road signs will results in a $114 fine, and cyclists who enter tramways will face a $268 fine
  • Cyclists will be allowed to cross the new light rail corridor through the CBD if entering a driveway on George Street
  • Cyclists will be allowed to carry their bicycle when travelling as passengers on the trams unless staff determine it is unsafe to do so during busy times
  • Transport officials are reminding cyclists to dismount their bikes and walk across tram tracks, or ride across at an angle, to avoid getting tired stuck in tracks


  • Pedestrians are encouraged to cross the tram tracks at designated crossings. However, you may cross the tracks at any point on foot as long as you are more than 20 metres from the nearest traffic signals. Always make sure you look up and are aware of your surroundings when crossing the tracks
  • People who walk in or down the rail line will incur a $76 fine


  • The penalty for a motorist driving down a tram track is $268 and one demerit point
  • The penalty for motorists disobeying a ‘no entry’ sign is $114
  • Motorists are advised not to queue across intersections between the light rail line and roads to avoid blocking trams

The information from this article was originally posted in The Sydney Herald Sun.