Improving the Deliveroo experience in Melbourne

In Melbourne over the past few months, we’ve made a number of changes to help improve the Deliveroo experience for our three key stakeholders: customers, restaurants, and riders.


What do we mean by that?

Improving the experience for customers means ensuring their food arrives on time and in the best possible condition. For restaurants, it means giving confidence that once a rider is assigned to an order, they will collect it; and for riders this means reducing the amount of time spent waiting at restaurants.

Keeping our three key stakeholders happy will ensure we are able to continue to grow our business, and you are able to continue to grow yours.

What were the changes we made?

Following feedback from riders across the city, we brought in a range of measures to help address some of riders’ biggest concerns, including restaurant wait times and earnings.

Some of the measures we’ve introduced have included investing in street route mapping to ensure distance calculations are more accurate, investing in longer distance orders, simplifying the acceptance screen, and improving access to work.

So, what’s the impact so far?

Across Melbourne since July this year…

  • Restaurant wait times have decreased: riders are waiting 7% less time at restaurants
  • Arrival at restaurant times are more accurate: riders are arriving early at restaurants 33% less
  • Earnings have improved: around 64% of orders are paid at a higher rate than before 

 While we understand these results are reflective of Melbourne as a whole and individual experiences may differ, these initial results suggest that the changes we’ve made are having a positive impact.

What’s next?

Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to… 

  • Monitor the impact of the changes we make and communicate the progress with you – we know transparency is key to our partnership
  • Work with restaurants that consistently keep riders waiting longer than expected to improve their performance
  • Seek your feedback through face-to-face events, online surveys, and via the rider app

 Remember, we are always open to rider feedback and would love to hear from you any time by getting in touch with the Rider Support team via the Help Centre.

 We’re confident that these changes will help you to access more work, reduce the time you spend without an order, and provide opportunities to earn even more when riding with Deliveroo.