Deliveroo's new service: Pickup

Many of our customers who love getting food delivered to their door also want to be able pick up their food and drinks quickly when they are out and about, rather than having to wait in a line.


So, on Monday, 23rd September, we will be launching Deliveroo’s new Pickup service in Melbourne and Sydney!


What is Pickup?

Pickup is a new service we’re launching through the Deliveroo app that will allow customers to select the food or drink they want to order, and pick it up on the way to wherever they’re going. They simply put in the time they expect to arrive at the cafe or restaurant location – whether it’s in 5 minutes or an hour – and voila! When they arrive, their order will be ready.

Why are we launching Pickup?

We recognise that some customers might not be looking for food to be delivered to their door, but instead want the ability to quickly pick up their order as they are passing by their local cafe.

By offering customers with the option to use Pickup, they’ll be able to place orders ahead of time and avoid spending time waiting in line when they arrive.

As we are targeting customers who already regularly stop by their favourite cafes on their way to work or on their way home, this won’t impact the volume of orders you receive through the app.  

Where are we launching it?

Initially we’ll be launching Pickup in Sydney and Melbourne. Keep an eye out for participating cafes and restaurants in the following zones: MCS, MCAC, SCTY, SIET.


If you want to find out more about Pickup, please visit our Help Centre on Roo Community and click ‘contact us’.

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