Introducing RETURNR: Deliveroo’s new sustainability initiative

Last year, Australia produced 4.5 million tonnes of packaging waste but only around half (55%) was recycled.

At Deliveroo, we care about environmental sustainability initiatives,  and want to help cut down on the amount of food packaging waste being created.

To do this, we have partnered with RETURNR  to provide customers with the option to order their food in reusable containers.

What is RETURNR?

RETURNR is an environmental initiative that replaces single use takeaway packaging with equivalent reusable solutions, giving customers the opportunity to have their dish delivered in a reusable bowl.

How does it work?

Restaurants who support this initiative will have a “RETURNR” add-on included in their checkout page on the Deliveroo platform. When customers place their order, they will then have the option to select “RETURNR” – if they opt in for this service, they pay an additional $6 on the app to have their dish delivered in a reusable container. Customers can return the bowl to any RETURNR supported restaurant to get their $6 back.

How does this affect riders?

As the lid for the bowl is a protective cardboard cover that slots into place, we ask that you take extra care to ensure the RETURNR bowl does not tip in your bag. If customers opt to use RETURNR, restaurants will be notified and will automatically pack the food in the returnable container. Riders are not responsible for returning reusable containers to restaurants.  

Which restaurants are partnering with RETURNR?

  • Hanoi Hannah, Windsor VIC 
  • Tokyo Tina, Windsor VIC
  • Nosh, Docklands VIC
  • Crisp, Melbourne Central VIC
  • Bowls Baby, Essendon VIC
  • Belles Hot Chicken, Melbourne Central VIC 
  • Rice Kitchen, South Melbourne VIC

Pack RETURNR bowls like you would other dishes – if it is a warm meal, place it inside your thermal bag with your other warm food, and then inside your backpack. If it is cold, like a salad, and you have other warm dishes in your thermal bag, place it on top of your thermal bag inside your backpack. If you have more than one RETURNR bowl, you can stack them.

To prevent spillages inside your bag, make sure to place the bowl flat down with the lid facing up. Make sure bowls aren’t placed on their sides or on an angle, as the lids may come loose. 

No. The customer will return the bowl to the restaurant to be reused.