Help to make a difference for your fellow riders

Riders are everything to us at Deliveroo. When we discovered that two of our riders, Juan and Marta, recently launched a fundraiser to try and reunite their family… we couldn’t help but share their story.

Marta decided to relocate their family to Melbourne from Colombia two and a half years ago so she could provide a better life for her children, Juan, Elkin (12 years old), and Valeria (10 years old). As the costs of relocating are so high, she was forced to leave her two youngest children behind in the care of her sister. Juan has not seen his little brother and sister since moving to Melbourne, and is trying to raise funds through a GoFundMe campaign so they can bring their whole family together by Christmas this year.

Every contribution – big or small – will make a difference and help get Juan and Marta closer to reuniting their family.

If you’re interested in contributing or simply want to learn more, take a look at Juan’s GoFundMe campaign!