Keeping McDonald's deliveries fresh

One of our top priorities is making sure customers enjoy their food the way restaurants intend it to be eaten. 


When a hungry customer orders McDonald’s on Deliveroo, they’re looking forward to a piping hot burger, freshly made fries, and perhaps an ice cold McFlurry for dessert. As soon as you collect the food from the restaurant, it’s a battle against the elements to keep it at the right temperature.

By keeping hot items hot and cold items frosty, your thermal bag plays a big part in making sure customers are happy and return to Deliveroo.  The more customers order from us, the more opportunities there are to maximise your earnings. Here are some of the reasons why your thermal bag should be your best friend

Packing tips

When packing hot food, such as burgers, chips, and wraps, make sure to pack them into your small thermal bag. Once it’s in your thermal bag, place your thermal bag inside your backpack and stack your cold items (drinks, ice cream, salads) on top. Read up on more hot and cold food packing tips

With McDonald’s preparing mouth-watering meals, and Deliveroo riders delivering these dishes hot and fresh to customers’ doors – we know our customers are going to be one happy bunch.


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