Reducing your wait time at restaurants

We’re on a mission to reduce the amount of time you spend waiting at restaurants.

You provided us with feedback that you wait too long at some restaurants – and we heard you!

There are many factors that contribute to long restaurant wait times, but we’ve been working hard to address them so you can get back on the road more quickly and onto your next order.

We’ve reduced wait time by 28% over the past 3 months!

Here’s a snapshot of Deliveroo’s journey to reducing restaurant wait times:

How have we reduced wait time by 28% over the past few months?

We’ve shared your feedback and wait time data with some of our biggest brands

We sent a survey to riders to understand their experience of working with some of our biggest brands, including McDonalds, KFC, and Guzman y Gomez. Your responses helped us to understand what leads to order rejections, and what riders think these restaurants could be doing better.

We’ve shared your wait time data and the insights we gained from this survey with restaurant executives, and are working closely with them to develop solutions to ensure orders are ready just as you arrive at the restaurant.

We’re developing resources 

We’re constructing materials that explain the importance of reducing wait time, how Deliveroo’s delivery technology works, and the steps restaurants can take to reduce wait times. These materials include case study videos, resources, and tablet notifications.

Check out our case study on Royal Stacks in Melbourne CBD, and find out how they’re reducing rider wait time and improving their customer experience.

We’re very excited about the progress we’ve made so far, but we’re not done yet! Keep an eye out for more updates on our wait time initiatives, and keep sharing your feedback with us.

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