Long wait times? You can now unassign yourself

“Restaurant wait too long” is the number one reason riders rate an order as ‘thumbs down’. And we agree – time spent waiting is time that you could be earning.

Most orders run smoothly – but delays can happen. When these delays are too long, you should be able to unassign yourself. From today, we’ve launched a new feature for all riders, which allows you to do just that!


This new feature includes:

Live updates

Live updates of when a delayed order is expected to be ready, helping you to decide whether or not you want to wait.


A timer showing how long you’ve been waiting so far (because sometimes five minutes can feel like forever!).

Wait time

The option to tell us how long you’ve been waiting.


The ability to reject the order in the app, straight away.

How it works?

You’ll now see a ? icon in the top right-hand corner of the order screen. Select the ? icon and then “Restaurant taking too long” to unlock the new feature. Any rejections made will not affect your statistics or acceptance rate.