We Love Roo - The results are in!

Tiramisu, Chocolate Ravioli and Caipirinhas galore – these are just some of the things our lucky ‘We Love Roo’ winners had to say about their Valentine’s Day prize. In each city, riders were able to go into the draw to win a dinner for two valued at $150 at some of our top restaurants and we caught up with them to see just how the evening went!

Here’s our Roos’ recap of the night

Alfredo – Adelaide

“The best dishes were the Medium Cooked Beef and the chicken pizza. The service and the environment in the restaurant are great! We are so thankful with Deliveroo for this chance … We enjoyed the night, the service, the food and it was more than enough! We even got some drinks and dessert. The restaurant is great and it was a good chance to relax a little and forget about the orders for one afternoon. ”

Vitor – Sydney

“Our evening was wonderful, we were able to sample some of the dishes from the house like the filet with mushroom sauce and green salad and the delicious pork ribs to the BBQ sauce. And finally a beautiful table with some of the desserts available.

“We loved everything that was served to us and logically, as Brazilians, we could not fail to experience the ‘caipirinha’ prepared by the bartender. Caipirinha is a traditional drink in my country and I was surprised to enjoy it in the restaurant. The whole night was wonderful, looking at my girlfriend’s face and seeing the joy she felt at that moment was comforting to me. I think the dessert hour was magical. Our evening was marvellous and for sure Deliveroo made a difference for us. We are grateful for that. ”

Natalia – Gold Coast

“We wanted to thank you guys for this opportunity to make our Valentine’s Day so special, we were delighted! The restaurant SoPo Dining took care of every detail to make the night more special, we especially loved the ceviche … Winning the night out [at SoPo Dining] was an unexpected delightful surprise, the Deliveroo team made a normal work day become a romantic celebration for us and we appreciated that. We’ve been together for 8 years and this experience of living overseas can be tough, but can be full of good experiences when we can count on people as you guys!”

Hugh – Canberra

“The highlight was having an excuse to spend some quality time together, leave the house and go out on a date. [Chez Frederic] had prepared a special menu for the night. I think the fave dish was the chocolate ravioli, which was unexpectedly delicious. The berry tiramisu trifle was also excellent. We shared a bottle of wine and it was really nice moment to spend together.”