Maintain your stats even while on holiday

We understand that being able to take time off whenever you want is important to you, whether you want to spend time with family and friends, go travelling, or just take a well-earned break.

From now on, your booking statistics will stay the same even when you’re not working.

From the moment you stop working, to the moment you start riding again, your hard-earned stats will stay the same – no matter how long you’re away. 

So what exactly is changing?

Until now, your statistics have been calculated based on your last 14 active days in a 28 day period.

Now, your statistics will be calculated based on your last 14 active days, no matter how long ago they were. This means you could take a three month spontaneous holiday to South America and keep the exact same statistics from the last 14 days you decided to work. 

Will I be in the same segment when I come back?

Your statistics are relative to other riders in your city, and this relativity determines your booking priority. While your statistics will stay exactly the same when you’re away, if the statistics of other local riders change then it could affect your booking time when you choose to start riding again.

For example, if overall attendance rates decrease in your city while you are away and your attendance statistic is quite high, you may qualify for priority booking when you decide to start riding again. 

Is there anything I need to remember?

If you forget to cancel any sessions you booked through ‘Request Weekly’ and do not attend a session that has been auto-booked, this will impact your attendance statistics. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you’ll need to cancel any auto-booked sessions prior to leaving to ensure your statistics aren’t affected. You will not be able to cancel bookings while overseas. 

Do I need to tell you when I’ll be away?

You don’t have to tell us when you’re taking time off, just log back in when you’re ready to ride again. 

As a rider, you’ve always had flexibility when you’re working – now you’ve got peace of mind when you’re not.