Making sure orders are ready just in time for you

We know it can be frustrating if you have to wait a long time at a restaurant. That’s why today we have a major announcement to make.

We’ve changed how we calculate prep times for our restaurant partners. We used to ask restaurants to start preparing the food as soon as the customer placed the order. But restaurants told us that this often didn’t match the time that riders arrived at the restaurant.

From now on restaurants will know you’re on the way so they can prepare the food just in time for your arrival.

But in order for this system to work and reduce your wait times everyone needs to do their part. Restaurants will need to follow the new timings, and you’ll need to avoid any unnecessary delays and complete each step of the delivery in the app at the right time.


So whenever you ride, remember to always:


Doing these things will help us wave goodbye to wait times and free up more of your time to complete more orders, giving you the chance to maximise your earnings.

What’s changing for restaurants

We’ve asked our restaurant partners to start preparing the food as soon as we let them know that you’re headed to the restaurant.

Over the next month we’ll also change how we show prep times to our restaurant partners. This new design will tell restaurant staff when you’ve accepted an order and you’re on your way, as well as how much time they have left to prepare the food so they can have it ready just in time for your arrival.

Old Design

New Design

We’ll continue to share our progress but it’ll only be possible with the help of riders like you. If you have any questions, please contact the Rider Support team via the Help Centre