Maximise your earnings

Working in the gig economy gives you the freedom and flexibility to earn more in your own terms. But there’s also plenty of ways you can get more cash for each delivery.

If you want to make the most of each trip we’ve compiled a list of ways to help maximise your earnings:

Accept more orders

As an independent contractor you have the right to reject and unassign yourself from any order at any time. However, for those who are available, keeping a high acceptance rate can help raise your earnings. For instance a rider who accepts more than 50% of orders end up earning 25% more!

Keep customers happy for tips

Excellent customer service goes a long way! Whether you’re delivering to your own local neighbourhood or helping complete a large order for office catering, going the extra mile and making sure the order is safely delivered to the customer’s door is sure to impress and earn you more tips.

Deliver more with the right vehicle

You don’t have to own a car or scooter to ride with us, you can also help deliver food on a bike. However, if you want to complete more orders without having to purchase a new vehicle, you can always rent out an electronic bike. For example, Bolt Bikes lets Deliveroo riders rent their bikes in Melbourne and Sydney for cheap. E-bikes are available across the country so you can complete more orders wherever you ride.

Save money to earn more money

When you have to juggle multiple jobs as a contractor, adding up all the numbers can get overwhelming pretty easily. That’s why we’ve partnered with Quickbooks to help you keep track of your business expenses. Save time and money when you’re riding with us so you can focus on maximising your earnings.

We’re continuously working on bringing more perks to our amazing rider fleet. From Bolt Bikes, Quickbooks to OpenClassrooms, we want to build partnerships with reliable sources we know will enhance our riders’ experience with us.

If you have any suggestions for any partnerships you’d see would benefit you as a Deliveroo rider let us know by emailing your ideas to [email protected] with the subject title ‘Partnerships Ideas’.