Meet Emma

Meet Emma, Deliveroo Australia’s Rider Support Manager!

Emma is one of our longest standing members of the team in Melbourne – find out more about her role, background, and what she loves about Deliveroo…

What is your role at Deliveroo?

As the Operations Support Manager I help my team provide support to riders across Australia and to other departments at Deliveroo. We answer riders’ questions and ask for feedback about their experiences but we also help out organising events and chatting to riders in person.

What is your background?

I grew up in the countryside in England and moved to Australia 4 years ago. I find history really interesting and have a Masters in Museum Studies. This might seem like it has nothing to do with a company like Deliveroo but Museum Studies is all about how people communicate and share knowledge, which is exactly what the Operations Support team does every day.

What are some of your favourite aspects of working at Deliveroo?

Deliveroo is a really interesting place to work, there is always something going on and I have never been bored! We have a great team who genuinely care about providing the best support possible and I’m proud of how we’ve grown over the last 4 years. 

What are your go-to restaurants on the Deliveroo platform?

I have a terrible sweet tooth so I love anywhere that does sweet treats. My current favourite is Oriental Teahouse because they have white chocolate praline dumplings which are AMAZING!

Fun facts about Emma:

I love baking and will use any excuse to make a cake for someone!