Meet Jeremy Brook, Australia's Head of Marketing

Jeremy has led Deliveroo’s marketing team for the last 7 months.

Over this time, Jeremy and his team have spearheaded highly creative and localised marketing initiatives that have had a huge impact across the business. The campaigns this team have launched has positioned Deliveroo as the food-obsessed, socially responsible ‘good guys’ who will stop at nothing to provide our customers with absolute food freedom.

Jeremy and his team have built the Deliveroo brand that our customers have come to know and love.

What is your FAVOURITE thing about working at Deliveroo?

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that if we do our job really well, every day we’re helping feed people up to three times a day – that’s an endless opportunity for everybody in our business and every external partner we work with to do cool stuff. Whether it’s helping to feed Australia’s homeless through Homeless Delivery or making it easy for friends to order dumplings on their couch together, every food occasion has merit.


How do you think Deliveroo is different than most workplaces?

The Deliveroo puzzle is so hard – predicting the right combination of supply and demand with all of our stakeholders is no small feat. I would say that one of the things that consistently impresses me is the way people here are naturally inquisitive and curious. The whole team is so bright and interested in solving complex problems.


What excites you most about the future of marketing for Deliveroo?

On our journey to become the definitive food company, one of the things that makes me most excited is that we have the ability to help our customers make better choices about the food they eat. There are so many opportunities to encourage people to eat in a smart, healthy, sustainable way. I feel very excited that we can be part of that solution. From a marketing perspective, we learn about our customers’ needs in order to solve problems in better ways, for example by cutting down on cutlery and food packaging waste.


What did you do prior to joining Deliveroo?

Before becoming part of the Deliveroo team, I lived in Amsterdam for nine years. During this time, I worked in at Heineken and Google in International Marketing roles.


What is one of the most impactful marketing initiatives you’ve launched in Australia?

One of the things i’m most proud of is the decision to invest 100% of our out-of-home advertising into digital screens. This made it much easier for us to customise our messaging on the screens – almost like online advertising but in the real world.

We were able to take a hyper-local approach and create adverts that resonate with customers in the exact suburb they live in. We’ve got over 170 different advertisements across the country!


How would you describe Deliveroo’s brand personality?

What makes the Deliveroo brand unique is our commitment and passion for food. While it’s essential that customers get their food at the right temperature and at the time they expected it, it’s also really important that they trust that the company cares about the food as much as they do. We’re committed to delivering food happiness.


Do you have any spoilers you can share with us about exciting marketing campaigns we can expect to see soon?

We’ve told you about our sponsorship with the St Kilda Football Club, but what I can say here first is that we’ll also be the exclusive partner of the women’s AFL team. Right now, we’re looking for exciting ways to bring this exciting opportunity life in the St Kilda neighbourhood. Stay tuned!


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