Meet Luis

We know we’re often reaching out to you with surveys, events, and questionnaires to learn more about who you are… So we wanted to take an opportunity to share a bit more about who we are!

Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing the members of our Rider Support and Engagement team, so you can put faces to names and get to know us better.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Luis!


As a member of our Ride Support team, Luis is responsible for assisting riders across Australia, and implementing initiatives that will improve rider’s experience with Deliveroo. Luis responds to emails and calls from riders, and works on projects to help keep riders safe while on the road.


Before working at Deliveroo, Luis was a food delivery rider in Melbourne. This experience has given him a strong understanding of what it means to be a rider. His ability to relate to riders means he can build rapport quickly and provide effective support. Luis has been working on the Rider Support team at Deliveroo for 1 year now.  

Fun Facts about Luis

Luis is originally from Colombia and moved to Australia three years ago. His favourite things about Colombia are the weather and how Christmas is celebrated (very colourful, food every day of December, and lots of time with family and friends). His favourite things about living in Australia are the quality of life and beautiful landscapes. Luis loves soccer (Vamos Colombia!), music, plays the bass guitar, and hangs out with friends. He also enjoys travelling – his favourite trip he’s been on was to Japan! 

What Luis has to say about his role 

I really enjoy what I do – I can use my previous experience to connect with and help riders as much as possible.