Meet Moussa and Paul

Meet Paul and Moussa, two friends from Paris who have been riding for Deliveroo since the start of 2016. What attracted these two to Deliveroo was the flexible hours, which meant they were able to travel whenever they wanted and didn’t have to stay in the same city all year.

The duo had move to Queensland last year for farm work and have recently come back to Melbourne to start riding again. “When we were back we were able to get back to the work and we think that’s really unique. Same when you are too tired to work, you can choose anytime to make your money.”

Outside of Deliveroo they love football, in their own words: the real football, not Australian football. They also enjoy going to restaurants for a bite and swimming during the warm weather.

Both Paul and Moussa were in France when France claimed the World Cup title with a stunning 4 – 2 win again Croatia. This is what they had to say about the win “It was awesome really . At the beginning we were suppose to stay in France just for 2 months but we spoke about staying in the country for the World Cup . When we won we didn’t regret our decision [for a second] – it was one of the best times that we had in our town . All of our friends and us were together and then we spent all the night long in the street [celebrating]. “

Deliveroo has provided freedom in the way they choose to work, and isn’t your typical 9-5. They love the freedom in being able to choose when they want to ride. “We ride in the city and enjoying the time we are working . We think it’s really rare and we are more than grateful to found a work like this.”