Meet Gold Coast Deliveroo rider, Pedro. His journey with Deliveroo began back in 2017 at this point we had just launched Deliveroo in GC. After being in Australia for only 3 months, Pedro was looking for something that would fit into his lifestyle but also keep him fit.

“The company offered everything I wanted for myself in that moment: having an active way of living by riding my bike, getting to know the city I was living in better, working outdoors in a dynamic manner and also having autonomy to work by myself. It was basically a dream to imagine earning some money while I could move myself around and enrich my experience in this completely new environment so far from home. And for more than 8 months I faced the huge hills of Brisbane riding my bike. Sometimes exhausted with busy days, but extremely grateful for being active and earning enough money to live my first adventure overseas.”

Riding with Deliveroo has helped Pedro maintain his healthy and active lifestyle. Continually facing new challenges everyday, he manages to push himself to new limits. “The main reason why I always say to all the friends I made in the company and even for my family and friends in Brazil that Deliveroo changed my life for good here in Australia, giving me the opportunity to explore new things, overcoming difficulties and facing challenges while giving me the financial support needed. “

One of the highlights of his journey is the friendships made along the way. Pedro explains how, as you ride each day, you come in contact with people from all walks of life which truly makes it a worthwhile experience. “Without overreacting, this company was for me the family and support I needed at that time, also because I’ve made many good friends from many different parts of the world like France, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, England, Wales and even Morocco.”

At the end of 2017, he decided to leave Gold Coast and went on a new adventure that would open him up to new experiences but also bring him out of his comfort zone. There was a desire to explore new places and meet new faces, which eventually led Pedro to the Gold Coast. “Despite all the flexibility I had with Deliveroo in all these months, the streets of Brisbane weren’t as new to me as they were before”

Over the few months, he became a Lead Rider which gave him the chance to tell all the new Roos about riding with Deliveroo – teaching each other about using the app properly, riding safely and what it means to be a ‘Roo’.

“I’m even more grateful to have this opportunity to make such a change in my life knowing that I could continue to do what [has been a] part of my life since the beginning of my journey in Australia. I feel that I’ve achieved the goals that I have created for myself, such as waking up early in the morning with a healthy lifestyle, surfing whenever there are waves and going to the beach whenever possible – having the possibility of starting my day early in the morning, spending hours in the sea to then start [riding] at 11 after such an energetic start to the day. Between all the jobs I see between students and backpackers, there is none that I would swap for mine! The flexibility is priceless, working outdoors is fulfilling and the conditions are just enough to keep enjoying my life the way I do today!

“I am proudly a Deliveroo rider and I will do my best to provide the best service for this company until my last day on the Delivery business.”