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May 2019 What ordering looks like for customers

If there are any delays or variations to the customer’s delivery, such as if a restaurant has kept you waiting, […]

Jan 2019 Recap: Windsor Rider Bistro

We kicked off our second Rider Bistro in Melbourne on Wednesday and were treated to some amazing food from the Royal Stacks crew. We started the event

Jan 2019 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Marta

Meet Marta, she’s originally from Colombia and has been in Melbourne for 2 years. She’s currently studying English while also riding with Deliveroo.

Jan 2019 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Sheeraz

Meet Sheeraz, he’s been riding with Deliveroo for nearly 2 years and still enjoys riding, and meeting different people while out on the road.

Jan 2019 Open Classrooms

We know that you value having the flexibility to fit your work around the other things that matter to you.

Jan 2019 See your past payments and invoices!

You can now view your invoice history, view the status of your payments and download previous invoices all within the earnings section of your app

Jan 2019 Quad Lock partners with Deliveroo

Quad Lock is proud to partner with Deliveroo to offer our market leading Smartphone Mounting solutions to Deliveroo Riders at 30% Off!

Dec 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Gautam

Meet Gautam, he has been a Deliveroo rider for 7 months and enjoys the flexibility when riding with Deliveroo.

Dec 2018 Introducing Ridely

Ridely Australia is excited to announce their exclusive partnership with Deliveroo offering scooter rental to Deliveroo drivers!

Dec 2018 roo tip: riding early morning and late nights

Your safety here at Deliveroo is our priority. We want to ensure that you feel confident and safe while out on the road.

Dec 2018 recap: GM rider roundtable

Last week 14 riders from cities across Australia flew to Melbourne for our very first GM Rider Roundtable…

Dec 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Rakesh

Our Roo hero this week is Rakesh. He’s currently pursuing his Masters, so having flexibility and work-life balance is super important and riding with Deliveroo is the perfect fit…

Nov 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Salman

Meet this week’s Roo hero, Salman. He used to be an English teacher back in his home country before moving here with his wife.

Nov 2018 rider tip: dinner time peaks

No matter how much you ride with us, we want to make sure you’re informed with the best times to maximise your earnings! 

Nov 2018 Teal Day

We want to see how you teal up on a Friyay! The most creative get to be featured and win a $25 Deliveroo voucher…

Nov 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Raavi

Raavi has been a Rider of Roo for 6 months now and is currently doing his Masters at CQU. Riding with Deliveroo means that Raavi can plan his uni schedule..

Nov 2018 end the year with $300 worth of food

There’s no better way to send off 2018 than with some of best food delivered and being surrounded by mates…

Nov 2018 recap – Collingwood rider bistro

Last Friday we invited  12 riders to our Collingwood editions site for a Rider Bistro. As both sides play a crucial role in delivering food this event was aimed the bridge the gap between restaurants and riders…

Nov 2018 minimum order incentives

In some zones, we’re offering riders a minimum order incentive for a limited time only. The incentive means that you will be offered the equivalent of…

Nov 2018 Roo Community Etiquette

We respect and value the diversity of our workforce and we believe that all people have a right to be treated fairly.

Nov 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Furqan

Meet Furqan, he’s been riding with Deliveroo for about one and half years. After leaving his job, Furqan was looking…

Nov 2018 deliver alcohol safely by checking ID

We’re on a mission to create the best food delivery experience out there and you play a big part in helping make that happen…

Oct 2018 Deliveroo Editions Collingwood

Deliveroo is passionate about food and bringing people even more choice. There are already so many amazing restaurants everywhere…

Oct 2018 wearing protective gear

When riding your motorcycle or scooter you should always be riding with protective gear.  This will keep you safe while…

Oct 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Nikhil

Currently doing his Master’s in IT, our roo hero this week is Nikhil. First finding out about Deliveroo through his friends, Nikhil was looking…

Oct 2018 delivering large orders

While riding with Deliveroo you’ll definitely encounter some larger orders. When this happens it’s important…

Oct 2018 Maximise your earnings

Working in the gig economy gives you the freedom and flexibility to earn more in your own terms….

Oct 2018 get to know the app – updating your details

You can now check in the app if your rider details are correct…

Oct 2018 Why does my app sometimes log me out?

There are lots of reasons why you may decide not to work with us while you’re logged in to the app…

Oct 2018 surviving summer

Winter be gone, hello Summer. While it may be beautiful outside, it’s not always easier riding in the Australian sun…

Oct 2018 get to know the app!

Adjust your map settings so it’s tailored to your vehicle type. Did you know you can also choose to open your map…

Oct 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Rayeed

Meet Rayeed, he’s currently a student who rides with Deliveroo to earn some extra money to help support his studies…

Oct 2018 riding safe during school hours

Vacay’s over, school is back! This means that roads and school areas may be busier than usual. When riding near schools it’s important to pay extra attention…

Oct 2018 Updating your info in the rider app

Great news! You can now update your phone number and email address yourself directly in the rider app…

Oct 2018 helmet on, helmet off

Things can get quite busy while delivering food and sometimes you may forget to remove your helmet…

Oct 2018 join the first Australian GM x Roundtable

Australia’s lucky to have a diverse rider fleet. Across the country we have so many dedicated riders that help bring the best…

Oct 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Mathew

If he’s not taking photos or flying his drone, Mathew rides with Deliveroo.

Oct 2018 brace yourself, swooping season has arrived!

As one Magpie season ends (RIP AFL Premier dreams…), another begins.

Sep 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Moussa and Paul

Meet Paul and Moussa, two friends from Paris who have been riding for Deliveroo since the start of 2016…

Sep 2018 update from Deliveroo Operations

September has been an exciting month for Deliveroo and, in particular, a great month for the continued rollout…

Sep 2018 ride safely during public holidays

The roads can sometimes get a bit busy during big events and public holidays…

Sep 2018 different states, different rules

When it comes to Australian road rules, each state and territory enforce slightly different road rules.

Sep 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Mahesh

It all started 2 years ago from a friend’s referral and just like that Mahesh was inspired to become a roo…

Sep 2018 Can’t find the customer?

Even when a customer is eagerly awaiting for food they may get distracted by a show they’re watching because…

Sep 2018 The trial’s over, now what?

Six weeks ago we launched distance based fees, giving riders across Australia the chance to trial this new payment system…

Sep 2018 Parking on private property

Unauthorised parking of vehicles on private property without consent of the owner is trespassing…

Sep 2018 Take care of yourself when delivering orders

Whether you’re riding a bicycle or a scooter, safety is key.

Sep 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Erik

Hailing from Perth, Erik has been riding with Deliveroo for almost a year…

Sep 2018 we’re supporting you with Ride and Learn

We know that you value having the flexibility to fit your work around the other things that matter to you…

Sep 2018 pizza packing tips

Not too sure what the best way is to pack pizza? That’s alright, we’ve together…

Sep 2018 hay fever tips

Itchy eyes, constant runny nose? It’s hayfever time. Being out on the road during hayfever can be a bit of a pain…

Sep 2018 making hangry customers happy

Not every delivery is the same, and we know it can be hard maintaining a brave face when an order is a little late…

Sep 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Luis

He’s a passionate rider who’s been delivering great food to our customers for over 2 years. When he first started…

Sep 2018 we’re growing our service!

Our service has grown a lot in the past five years. Since our founder, Will Shu, completed the first ever Deliveroo delivery in 2013…

Aug 2018 upskill with us!

We’re really excited that Deliveroo and OpenClassrooms are teaming up to support riders everywhere with online courses and programmes, completely for free.

Aug 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Juan

Meet Juan. He’s been riding with us for almost a year and a half. He’s currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Business…

Aug 2018 the pin doesn’t match the customer address!?

Riders have been telling us about the frustrations caused when the pin drop in the app doesn’t match the customer address…

Aug 2018 why are you offered specific orders?

Meet Frank! Frank is our super smart algorithm that decides which rider to offer…

Aug 2018 cycling safely around tram tracks

Trams tracks aren’t the easiest to navigate – add a bit of wet weather and things tend to get a bit more tricky. We’ve included some tips…

Aug 2018 can’t see live order adjustments in your app?

When an order is cancelled by the customer after you have already started completing delivery services, Deliveroo will make a fee…

Aug 2018 hours cap

We’re making changes to help more riders access more hours, while maintaining the flexibility…

Aug 2018 rider roundtable recap

Over the past few weeks we’ve been flying around the different cities and holding rider roundtables…

Aug 2018 free thermal bag

We heard some of you are missing a thermal bag. So for a limited time only, we’ll be giving away free thermal bags.

Aug 2018 deliveroo partners with TLC for Kids

This year we’ve partnered with TLC for Kids, Australia’s most inclusive children’s charity as part of their ‘Tracky Dack Day’.

Aug 2018 how to pack KFC into your small thermal bag

You may sometimes receive large orders from KFC such as 2 buckets of chicken…

Aug 2018 parking permits

In rider roundtables over the last few months, we have heard lots of feedback on the struggles Deliveroo riders…

Aug 2018 Bye-Bye Acceptance Rate

It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally pulling the pin on the acceptance rate feature in the rider app.

Aug 2018 zone clusters

when you complete a delivery outside of your zone we’ll begin to offer you orders in that zone too.

Jul 2018 recap – rider bistro

A few weeks ago, we held our first ever Rider Bistro. Taking place down at Deliveroo Editions in Windsor…

Jul 2018 stay alert and stay safe

We want to ensure that you feel confident and safe while out on the road.

Jun 2018 smarter swipes

To make this easier for you, we’re streamlining how you progress each delivery in-app.

Jun 2018 bicycles and motorcycles: mobile phone road rules

All states and territories do not have separate mobile phone/device rules for motor vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles.

Jun 2018 End of Financial Year with Quickbooks

This year we’ve teamed up with Quickbooks to make sure you get through this EOFY with less stress.

Jun 2018 rider roundtable

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be travelling to each city across Australia to hold rider roundtables and we’re heading to your city next!

May 2018 tipping

You can now see any tips you receive before you arrive at the customer!

Mar 2018 Long wait times? You can now unassign yourself

“Restaurant wait too long” is the number one reason riders rate an order as ‘thumbs down’. And we agree…

Mar 2018 see how you can maximise earnings in app!

Use the app to see when and where you can earn extra fees – either live or in advance.

Mar 2018 Women’s History Month

This Women’s History Month we’re celebrating the accomplishments of our hard-working female roo riders…

Mar 2018 busuu – Get 20% off online language courses

busuu empowers everyone in the world to learn a new language and earn official certificates from McGRaw-Hill Education…

Feb 2018 We Love Roo – Roundup

Few things are better than a stress-free Valentine’s Day with someone else footing the bill. Well, Deliveroo delivered just that for some lucky riders.

Feb 2018 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Pedro

Meet Gold Coast Deliveroo rider, Pedro. His journey with Deliveroo began back in 2017…

Feb 2018 Rider Round Table

We value your feedback, so Deliveroo is kicking off 2018 with a rider roundtable in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth…

Feb 2018 Celebrating Boss Ladies this International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating all our independent, strong female riders…

Feb 2018 4 tips to help you manage your finances

It can be tough to know what to set up with your business finances, which is why we’ve asked the experts! Check out some…

Feb 2018 We Love Roo

What could be better than letting Deliveroo play cupid this Valentines season ? Go in the draw to win a dinner for 2 at an amazing restaurant in your city!

Feb 2018 Roo New Year Party – Roundup

We wanted to treat our roos to something a little special in the new year, so we put together a roo year party…

Jan 2018 Self Serve Booking Tool

The rider self-serve booking tool for you gives you the flexibility to log in to any self-serve booking zones that have availability.

Dec 2017 Happy Roo Year Party

Throw the party of the Summer by entering our Happy Roo Year Party Contest!

Dec 2017 QuickBooks Self-Employed App

We know you might be juggling multiple jobs and tax can be stressful, which is why we’re excited to tell you about how QuickBooks Self-Employed app can save you the stress and the money.

Dec 2017 Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Ray

When not riding for Deliveroo Ray focuses on his luxury sock company “Fortis Green”…

Jun 2017 99 Bikes

20% off bikes

Jun 2017 Chappelli

20% off accessories
$49 servicing