why are you offered specific orders?

You’re online. You can see other riders on the road too. You’re offered an order – but why?

Meet Frank! Frank is Deliveroo’s super smart algorithm that decides which rider to offer orders to based on their proximity to the restaurant and the estimated prep time.

We created Frank to ensure we can deliver great food to customers in the most efficient and reliable way.

Our team is constantly updating our specialist technology to ensure the best delivery solution.

What is Frank?

Frank is made up of machine-learning technology, which predicts the timings of every order. The timing for every single order is different, depending on factors such as

 – The specific dish that is being prepared
 – The location of the restaurant
 – The time and day of the week
 – The number of riders on the road
 – How many live customer orders there are
 – The distance from the restaurant to the customer

Frank then plans the orders for each rider who is online, based on their live location and the estimated time it will take a rider to travel to the restaurant.

The algorithm is constantly working behind the scenes, reassessing and planning orders to make sure order assignments are as efficient as possible. It aims to offer you the order at the right time, so that you arrive at the restaurant as close as possible to the order collection time. It’s always one step ahead, working to become more and more accurate to make the Deliveroo experience the best it can be for everyone. It’s designed to help:

 – Riders make more deliveries, and therefore, earn more fees
 – Restaurants prepare more orders as efficiently as possible
 – Customers receive their food at, or before, the estimated delivery time