Openclassrooms scholarship programme winners

We’re pleased to announce the riders selected for the OpenClassrooms scholarship programme! Congratulations to Andres (Adelaide), Punit (Adelaide), Naz (Wollongong), Leila (Sydney)! We’re excited to follow you on this journey.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win a scholarship, you can still do online courses and obtain certifications provided by Deliveroo.

We committed to funding $180,000 worth of scholarships for riders around the world, giving you access to online, accredited Bachelor’s-level degree programmes.

Riders are at the heart of all we do and we want to keep providing more support to you. We know that you value having the flexibility to fit your work around the other things that matter to you and for some of you, studying is one of these things.

These scholarships, run by OpenClassrooms, last 12 months, and involve 400-1,000 hours of training. The course is completely online and students get a weekly one-hour mentoring session with an expert in your field of study. Upon completion, they will have a bachelor-level degree in their chosen path!

Plus, OpenClassrooms guarantees successful applicants a job within six months of completing their degree.

Congratulations to those selected for the scholarships, we’re looking forward to hearing about your journey!

Didn’t get a scholarship? You can still complete free online learning courses and receive certifications

Applications for scholarships have now closed, but our partnership with OpenClassrooms also gives riders around the world access to free online learning across a range of exciting subjects.

There’s more than 350 courses to choose from, including Data, Design, Development, Education, Project Management, IT Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Human Resources. You can do as many courses as you want and each one will give you a certificate of completion that you can download at the end.

Just click here to pick your course, and enter your name, email address and rider ID. You’ll be sent an email telling you how to start your course.