Parking Permits

Parking is a pain in most places, but it’s definitely exaggerated for those spending lots of time on the road like riders are.

In rider roundtables over the last few months, we have heard lots of feedback on the struggles Deliveroo riders are facing with finding short term parking throughout the course of a delivery. So we have started reaching out to local councils in the areas Deliveroo operates to investigate and advocate parking permits and options that might help to alleviate these frustrations.

We’ve only just started on this project but are already getting answers on how riders can register vehicles for commercial parking permits! With areas that don’t currently offer these options, but are interested in hearing more about the issue, we are actively lobbying to implement commercial parking permits for food delivery riders.

Scroll through the cities below to see what might be available to you. If you don’t see your area mentioned then watch this space! Our engagement team is working hard to get results in more areas every day.


Gold Coast

Gold Coast does consider scooters and motorbikes for commercial vehicles permits as long as they are being used for loading/unloading and it is registered with the Queensland department of Transport and Motoring Services as a commercial vehicle.

To register a vehicle as “commercial”, you would need to have indicated your vehicle as “commercial” in Section 6 of the Vehicle Registration Application.

If your vehicle is already registered as a private use vehicle, you can modify your registration by going into a Customer Service Centre and present your current registration and license. You can find your closest centre here

This change may incur a small fee (dependant on vehicle type and cylinders).

Once registration has been changed you’ll be able to get a permit with the council that will allow you to park in loading zones while you’re loading/unloading your vehicle during a delivery.



Access Canberra (Canberra council) offers FREE 10 minute loading zone permits* as long as the vehicle is being used for loading and unloading goods.

Permits for station wagons, hatchbacks, sedans and passenger vans are not free but can be obtained with payment of an annual fee which can be found here.

Motorbikes are also able to obtain the permits.

There are also options to apply for 20 minute and 30 minute permits. To register, you need to  head to your nearest centre which they can find here

The application form is here to start the registration process.

Here is a link to Access Canberra’s homepage with more info

*dependant on vehicle type



Unfortunately, Adelaide will not consider any two-wheel vehicles as commercial vehicles which is fundamental to receiving a courier parking pass.

They did want to let riders know that UPark on Rundle Street (ADLD zone) offers 1 hour of free parking that riders could use when picking up and dropping off orders in the area. This does have some exclusions during busier times so we will continue to have conversations to see if there are other parking options that can be offered to alleviate issues in more times and areas of Adelaide.

Remember, none of these permits are required, but they might help to ease some of the parking frustrations you’ve been experiencing and help to avoid fines when you’re completing deliveries.